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Money Healing

Change Facilitator

What is Money Healing?

 Coping with money issues can be a major life struggle and yet there is very little help available.  We often have unconscious patterns, beliefs and behaviors around money.  We are rarely taught how to understand our relationship with it.  Financial anxiety is the number ONE cause of stress, yet we find it hard to talk about money. It keeps us stuck in jobs we hate and causes disharmony in our relationships. Money Healing work assists individuals to identify and move beyond these restrictions.  

As a CERTIFIED MONEY COACH (CMC)®,  I am trained to help my clients solve common problems associated with money choices, patterns, and the day-to-day management of money issues in order to attain more purposeful and prosperous lives. Take control of your relationship with money and start living a more fulfilled life on your own terms.

Let us begin the journey together.


First we explore your relationship with money using a 4 module program. You get to understand your underlying patterns and behaviors around it. Next, we uncover how those patterns are affecting your life currently and how they are impacting you personally and financially.  We use the Money Archetype as the primary tool.

This program is highly experiential and during these sessions you will learn how you are “hardwired” around money in ways that are generally not fully conscious. By the end of the fourth module, you will have a clear understanding of your core money patterns and their origin and can begin to work on your “Money Action Plan.”

Once you are done with the CORE process, you may have achieved enough clarity to continue on your journey by yourself.  However, if significant challenges are unearthed, I offer a “Beyond the CORE process” where we continue to work together on practical, mindfulness and emotional aspects around money.


A Money Healing Circle is a dynamic way to help uncover, examine and transform unconscious patterns and beliefs about money. You will benefit from hearing other’s stories while the work you do as a group remains confidential and judgement-free. As part of the circle, you will be able to take a look at your relationship with money and move beyond limiting behaviors that keep you from realizing your goals and dreams, both financially and professionally.

This powerful 5 week program is a low cost alternative to the Individual Money Healing Program. Circles consist of 4 –6 people. Workbooks are provided to you to work on.  We meet once a week for the duration of the program for 2 hours each.