Life Coaching

Life Coaching

I help women professionals UP LEVEL their life.

Break through their limiting beliefs.

Plan and execute the most exciting, fulfilling, exhilarating life they know is POSSIBLE for them.

As an ICF Certified Life Transformation coach I can help you with:

Career and life transitions


Relationship challenges

Improving communication skills

Team building

Work life balance

Burnout prevention and recovery

Stress Reduction


Thought blocks

Uncover beliefs or fears or challenges that are holding you back

Mind stories

These form over time. Some are helpful and some not so much. The latter can be changed

Create life vision

In order to get where you want to go, it is important to have a map


This is the fun part where you start to see the results in your  life that you have been longing for

Why pick me as your coach

Success leaves footprints.

No matter what you are going through in your life, chances are that either I have experienced it myself or coached my clients through it.  I consider life to be a school. We are here to learn. Sure we can stumble through it alone, but it is easier, better and honestly, cheaper in the long run if we have someone by our side to share our thoughts, fears, ideas, hopes, vision and dreams.  That someone who can help us see clearly what we cannot see, help us set very specific milestone points, help us stay on the path with accountability, be a cheerleader and remind us to celebrate our WINS!!

Having overcome many challenges, including burnout, I created the life of my dreams. I retired early from medicine after achieving financial freedom and moved to Hawaii. 

Whatever YOUR dream life is, I am the coach for you to attain it!!