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Change Facilitator

From Burnout to Bliss 

Get unstuck.  Become unstoppable. 

Gain mastery over your life

Burnout is at an all time high…. 

You are a hardworking, dedicated professional but….

  • You feel stuck and frustrated and cannot see a way out of your soul sucking job
  • You are tired of feeling trapped and indecisive 
  • You need help with  figuring out the next chapter of your life and overcoming mindset blocks 
  • AND you are so ready to TAKE CHARGE of your LIFE, instead of it being in charge of you

As a professionally trained ICF Certified life transformation coach I can assist you to….

  • Reconnect with your sense of  PURPOSE.
  • Move past burnout and create work-life balance and career FULFILLMENT.
  • Develop your career potential or make a change in your professional  and personal life. 
  • Act on your entrepreneurial idea or create additional streams of income. 
  • Find the JOY and MEANING in life you once had. 


You are a busy woman professional who is ambitious, smart and work hard.  Your career was supposed to help you lead a prosperous life while serving others.  But somewhere along the way, disillusion set in.  It is not what you expected anymore. Life feels hard and out of balance…..and you are ready to get some help.


One of the main reasons it is difficult to leave a job and pursue what you desire is “the GOLDEN HANDCUFFS”.  When you do money healing work your priorities and values become very clear. The process begins with the Archetype Quiz.  The core process consists of 4 modules where we explore your subconscious beliefs about money….

Hi, I am Dr. Yashoda!!

 I am a double Board Certified physician in Internal Medicine and Lifestyle Medicine, with more than 20 years of clinical experience.  I consider myself a “CHANGEMAKER”.  When I went through burnout, I had no idea where to seek help.  I felt trapped and lonely.  I gradually pulled myself  forward, retired early and re-made my life.   

Now I live in beautiful Hawai’i. I have a wonderful husband and two amazing sons and feel like the luckiest woman on Earth!!  I chose to come out of retirement to help other physicians and busy women professionals overcome burnout and create the life they DESIRE and DESERVE. just like I did.